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Affiche Sursaut Echos Numerique Marilou Castonguay

Fiche du spectacle - Parents Échos


By the company Sursaut
Affiche Sursaut Echos Numerique Marilou Castonguay


How can we feel the cycle of life through the seasons?

Show summary

Echos is a choreographic work that takes the spectator through the seasons.
Scenes, sometimes fiery, sometimes delicate, always touching, where the six performers evolve in a space that is dreamlike and refined.
A movement style, music, and a visual setting for each season, make us feel the different atmospheres that exist in the seasons.

The person who created the show wants

  • Inspire the lives of young and old alike by stimulating their imagination.
  • Share her outlook, her feelings, and her memories of childhood, concerning the seasons.
  • Elicit emotions through the poetry of movement and through the profundity of the human body, rather than with words.

The person who created the show doesn’t want

  • Minimize the intelligence of children

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School outings help to make learning meaningful by bringing pupils into direct contact with the natural or cultural environment.


They bring children face to face with reality, elicit astonishment and emotions, and offer new perspectives.


They also draw on children’s social, motor and cognitive skills.


They help children learn about living in a community and establishing relationships between adults and children who are different from those in the class.


Outings are not simply something “extra,” but provide a unique opportunity for personal and collective reflection that will be meaningful for students throughout their years at school.

Steer away from the usual questions in order to share a moment with your child.


With your face and/or body, express without using words what you felt during the outing. Now it’s my turn to express without words what I was feeling during the day.


Before we turn out the lights, tell me something from the show that you’d like to dream about. Now it’s my turn to share an image or something positive that I experienced today and that I’d also like to dream about.


If you were to recreate this show in your own way, how would you do it? Would you like to show it to me? If I were to act in it, what would you want me to do?